New destinations - new products

To celebrate the launch or we wanted to offer a few exciting new products, not yet available anywhere else. The fact that you're here reading this, means we're sure you will have admired Dave's work, which is now available all over the world. From cards in Paperchase to a range of souvenirs in your local English Heritage site, Dave has been commissioned to illustrate some of the world's most beautiful locations and sites of historic interest.

We're so pleased to be able to launch some of these new images here at, on some exciting new products. First up is Enamel Mugs which we think perfectly show off Dave's designs to the max.

Next up is Metal Signs which again perfectly lend themselves to Travel Art as they did to advertising signs in years gone by.

And last but by no means least, Ceramic Coasters! Pick your top 4 or 6 designs to make up your own individual set, or simply a one off for your favourite to sit your coffee cup down on – these stunning ceramic coasters are a superb new addition to the DTshop collection.