Art Prints by Dave Thompson

Dave Thompson - Wall Art Framed Prints

Dave Thompson’s illustrations and artwork are a love letter to the UK’s number one tourist destinations, the nation’s favourite attraction sites and the world’s most iconic locations and buildings. Dave Thompson has been illustrating these different places all over the UK for over 50 years, specialising in castles, beaches, and landscapes. 

He captures and designs the sites with such vibrant colours, which helps portray the mood and the scene of the spot perfectly. He is trying to bring the classic 1950’s travel art designs and modify them into modern, vibrant, and bold prints and illustrations.

If you are a travel enthusiast and love to collect different pictures of places and building all around the UK, then the Art Prints made by Dave Thompson are the best choice for you. He is providing illustrations of almost 1000 different places and sites in the UK. 

The official Dave Thompson Art Shop features Art Prints, Canvas Wall Art, Coasters, Post Cards, Magnets and many other accessories with pictures or illustrations of the heritage sites that are found worldwide. His work is completely dedicated to the photographs and posters of the world. Everything on his website is about different scenes and buildings around the United Kingdom that hold importance and are a centre for tourist and are visited frequently. These locations are printed on cushions, canvases, art prints, and other accessories to buy them if they are interested in that location.

Dave Thompson Art - Eastbourne Art Framed Print

Dave Thompson Art Prints portray the scenery in such perfection, and the bold colours of the prints attract the customers a lot. He is providing many sceneries on the Art Prints such as Tricorn, Portsmouth Art Print, Eastbourne Art Prints, Liverpool Art Prints, Royal Shakespeare Theatre Art Print, Harrogate Art Prints, and many other locations and sites that you can buy from his website.

Dave Thompson Art offers four options on the sizing of the Art Prints in which the smallest size is 11x14 inches, and the largest size available on the website is 90x120 inches. The Art Prints are printed on the best and premium quality 280gsm satin white media, and the Prints are made with the highest quality and most sustainable materials. There are also framing options for the 11x14” Art Prints with customers able to choose both black or white frames in this size. All of his frames have the same material and same quality. All UK mainland customers will receive free delivery if they spend over £30.

The Art Prints and frames are all proudly printed and produced in the UK. 

If anyone is interested in travelling and loves to collect pictures of different sites globally, then the Art Prints by Dave Thompson are the best in the market, which helps in enhancing your collection with modern illustrations and funky and vibrant colours.